There are no leaders that exist today that can say that they are totally trained and that they need no continuing education to sharpen or add to their leadership skill set. The leader who claims to not need training, is a leader that does not need to be in a leadership position. Leadership is more than a position, leadership is a lifestyle.

     From your eating habits down to your sleep habits, if a camera followed you around all day - would you say that you would want those who you influence to follow  the example that you set as a leader when it comes down to the important aspects of your life? Ward International has designed and developed leadership intensives that emphasize the metaphysical/spiritual you in addition to incorporating performance enhancement techniques, equal opportunity and diversity exercises and vignettes and corporate leadership skills to add to the skill set of all leaders, be they in the ecclesiastical element, the educational domain or the corporate arena.
     Organizations are highly encouraged to use all of these seminars and classes as continuing education and lifelong learning experiences for their leaders.