Calvin D. Ward


    For over 10 years,  Calvin Ward has beentraveling the world and empowering people teaching, seminars, intensives and lecture  formats. Through conferences, Calvin is able to share and empower the massess. Taking a faith and science based approach to empowering and raising up leaders in the 21st century, Calvin is a much sought after speaker.

   In the 21st century, leaders must really grasp the concept of spiritual wholeness and maturity as a crucial part of a leader's core make-up. In the workplace and in the operational professional environment, leaders who do not have a solid faith-based perspective or foundation  are found lacking in one or more areas of their professional and personal lives. Faith-based vision and foundaitonal approaches do not necessarily mean that an individual has to ascribe to a religion, more so than it is the affirmation that as a human being, they are a trichotomite and have a soul, spirit and a body. If leaders can recognize the trichomtomy of their humanity in totality, then they are more apt to realize the necessity to maintain those aspects of their life and being. This results in realizing that any lack or neglect in one area will manifest in imbalance in the other areas. Equilibrium needs to be maintained to have a balanced leader in today's fast paced, Big Data world.
  Calvin combines his understanding and application of numerous spiritual and philosophical doctrines, perspectives and arcana with the tools of  counseling, management and  life coaching to change lives and build leaders.  Calvin finds that his purpose, destiny and mission in life is to help people reach their destiny, fulfill their purpose and overcome in life. Contact him today to experience the forward  mobility and the change you seek in your life. Its yours!